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    Guide To Buying Weight Plates


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    A barbell is an essential part of almost any fitness program, and a barbell is nothing without weight plates. Weight plates, therefore are an equally integral part of nearly every workout. There is a large variety of weight plates in the market, which requires some research to make an informed choice.

    What to look for


    1. Title – The barbell and plate should match

    • The insert diameter refers to the hole in the middle of the plate. The insert diameter of the plates should match the diameter of the barbell you’re using to ensure stability.
    • For an Olympic size bar with a 2” inch diameter, any plate with a 2” diameter insert would do.

    2. Title – The plate’s material decides its price

    • There are three main types of materials used for weight plates:
      Cast Iron plates are the most economical option but they can damage floors and aren’t very durable.
    • Rubber plates are slightly more expensive than cast iron plates but last longer and are kinder to floors.

    3. Title – Choose the right levels of thickness.

    • Weight plates have different levels of thickness
      Thicker plates such as Bumper plates are generally a safer bet for your floor. Bumper plates are a suitable choice for CrossFit and light Olympic lifts. however, given their thickness, you cannot load too many of them on the bar.

    Top Picks

    1. Criteria for selection – Best Bumper Plates
    Price – $323.00

    • Tried and tested choice
    • Great floor protection
    • Fits smoothly on Olympic bars

    2. Criteria for selection – Best Urethane Plates
    Price – $464.00

    • Will last you a lifetime
    • Doesn’t push into hips or ribs while lifting
    • Lifetime replacement warranty

    3. Criteria for selection – Best Belt With Lever
    Name of Product – Flexz Fitness Lever Buckle Powerlifting Belt
    Price – $54.99

    • Extremely durable
    • 360 degree access
    • Great for commercial gyms
    • Impractical for home use
    • Expensive
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