Guide To Buying Gym Mirrors

Gym mirrors provide visual feedback during an exercise so that you can self analyze and correct your form. It gives you a multiple angle view, letting you observe parts of your body that are out of your normal range of vision. Gym mirrors also add to the aesthetic of your gym by making it appear more spacious.

What To Look for



Determine the size and number of mirrors you require.

Determine the size and number of mirrors you require.
  • Measure the height of your walls before purchase so you can determine the size of mirrors you need.
  • Once you’ve measured your walls, check which gym equipment needs reflective feedback and from how many angles. This will help you figure out the number of mirrors you need.

Glass vs. Acrylic

Glass vs. Acrylic
  1. Acrylic mirrors are a sturdy and economic choice since they are less prone to shattering than glass. However, they lack the clarity of glass and can produce fuzzy reflections over time if you don’t clean them often.
  2. Glass mirrors are highly reflective, but they tend to give way under pressure. If you want to buy glass, you need to make sure that you buy thick mirrors with a protective back that can hold against impact without shattering easily. Glass is also more expensive than acrylic.
  3. Regardless of the material you choose, make sure the mirror comes with a protective coating to protect against shattering upon impact.

Buy mirrors that have the set-up hardware included for the best compatibility.

Buy mirrors that have the set-up hardware included for the best compatibility.
  • Look for mirrors that have the set-up hardware included in the packaging. You can buy the set-up material separately, but you’ll have extra work on your hands looking for materials that are the right fit for your mirror.
  • If you choose stick-on mirrors, check the adhesive quality to ensure they don’t fall off as time passes. Stick-on mirrors also require you to check whether they’re compatible with your walling. They go best with dry-walled surfaces, so any wall that accumulates moisture will fail to go with the adhesive.

Less important considerations.

Less important considerations.

The length of the mirrors doesn’t need to be from ceiling to floor. It needs to be just long enough for you to see yourself in it fully.
The design around the edges should provide maximum safety from injury. Bezzled and rounded edges add to the set-up and make them less dangerous if you accidentally bump into them.

Top Picks

Best Glass Gym Mirrors

Best Glass Gym Mirrors

FANYUSHOW Beveled Frameless Explosion-Proof Wall Mirror

For $65.99

  • Frameless beveled edges
  • Accurate reflection
  • Easy to install cross hook set-up
  • Expensive
Best Acrylic Gym Mirrors

Best Acrylic Gym Mirrors

Alrens(TM) Silver 6 Pcs Squares

For $22.99

  • Easy to stick-up set
  • Good value for money
  • Lightweight
  • The image will distort over time
Easiest Gym Mirrors To Set-up

Easiest Gym Mirrors To Set-up

Mirror Sheets Self Adhesive Non-Glass Mirror Tiles

For $39.59

  • Shatter-proof
  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • Stick-on installation makes it easy to set up
  • Image can be unclear sometimes

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